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Adult Winter Reading Club

January 3-February 24

Adult Winter Reading Club

Preparing your Garden for Winter Months

By Librarian Nicholas Saturno

For the home garden:


Recommended Reads: Vegetable Cookbooks and Recipe

I am not a vegetarian, but there are some recipes that make me think I could be. This recipe for "A Fresh Tomato Relish" is one of them.  At the very least, it's a healthy and delicious summer treat.

Picture of "Fresh Tomato Relish"

Discover the Brentwood Genealogy Group  

The Brentwood Genealogy Group was founded in 2006 by librarian Mary Koferl and a group of avid amateur genealogists. The first year two workshops were held. The number grew until in 2012 monthly workshops were being held.

Genealogy Books

From the Archive: A Family of Reform

If Stephen Pearl Andrews had never been, there would have never been the village of Modern Times. If Modern Times had not been, there would have never been Brentwood.

Stephen Pearl Andrews and Family