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Consumer Reports is a publication that researches products out on the market and offers reviews and statistics to give consumers the best information on products they would like to purchase. In our everyday lives we often need to replace appliances in our homes or buy entirely new items on the market. While searching for these items reviews online can be misleading due to paid reviews, or uninformed buyers. Research can be necessary to avoid the appliance breaking early or not entirely functioning as intended. Consumer Reports does rigorous testing and research on products, then offers the data in their publication. 

As I've moved into a new apartment, I have needed to do research on multiple appliances to make sure I wasn't wasting money on something that would easily break and have to be replaced after only a couple of years.

The ratings section is very in depth, can really give you a good idea about what it is you are buying. They offer a pros and cons list, so you can easily compare features you like on one product to another. 

One of my favorite features of Consumer Reports is the ability to compare one product to others of its kind. The website gives a good overview of other similar models and makes to help you decide on the most trustworthy companies according to reliability and satisfaction. 

Consumer reports is helpful in researching options, because they tell you all of the specifications of the item you wish to buy, and  offer ratings to compare to other models.  


The best part in my opinion is that Consumer Reports also gives an array of prices at the stores where the item is available. This way you can easily compare prices and eliminate stores that offer it at an inflated price. 

Consumer Reports is a handy tool for anyone looking to pick up a product, but you are unsure of what exactly you want out of it. Consumer reports can help you to save money and make the best choices when picking out products without having to sift through reviews for hours.