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Looking for some non-stop action? Try these martial arts movies on hoopla!

3 Ninjas

Three young martial artists battle an evil arms dealer.

A Force of One

Undercover narcotics agents enlist the help of a karate champ to catch an assassin.

Alien Rising

An ex-homeland security agent battles a power-crazed colonel for control of an extraterrestrial technology.

Along With The Gods:The Last 49 Days

Four souls seeking reincarnation confront their tragic pasts and battle a rogue god.

Asian School Girls

Teenagers must free themselves from a violent crime syndicate.

Badges Of Fury

Two troublemaking detectives investigate eerie murders involving a young starlet.

Bangkok Revenge

A man seeks revenge on the thugs who killed his parents when he was 10 years old.

Big Brother

An ex-solider is hired to teach a group of delinquent teenagers-and becomes their friend.

BKO: Bangkok Knockout

Fight club pals must rescue a friend from kidnappers.

Bodyguards And Assassins

A motley team of men and women must protect Sun Yat-sen from assassins on the eve of a historic meeting in 1905 Hong Kong.

Bruce Lee In New Guinea

On a remote island, two kung-fu masters must defend the daughter of a murdered tribal chief from an evil wizard. The title refers to Bruce Li, not the jeet kune do legend.

Brush With Danger

A brother and sister must fight their way out of Seattle’s criminal underworld.


A young autistic woman takes on mob gangs when she tries to collect debts owed to her mother.

City Of Life And Death

Life in wartime Nanking after the Japanese invasion of December 1937.


A woman martial arts expert seeks the help of other specialists to rescue her kidnapped daughter.

Death Grip

Two brothers get tangled in a dangerous heist committed by a murderous satanic cult.

Die Fighting

Kung-fu actors must battle vicious thugs when a shady director puts them through a gauntlet in Los Angeles.

Double Tap

A troubled detective seeks revenge on his wife’s killer.

Dynamite Warrior

A grief-stricken young man seeks revenge on his parents’ vicious killer.

Evil Feed

An exclusive,underground restaurant provides adventurous customers with fresh exotic “meat”- courtesy of nightly cage fights to the death.

Fantasy Mission Force

In World War II, a motley crew tries to rescue kidnapped Allied generals from Japanese forces.

First Love

A young boxer and a call girl fall in love while getting caught in a drug smuggling scheme.

Fist 2 Fist

An ex-martial arts champion must confront a former friend bent on revenge against him.

Flash Point

A reckless detective goes after a notorious gang leader.

Furious Re-mastered

Martial arts experts battle aliens from the Astral Plane in this campy cult classic.

Good Guys Wear Black

An ex-U.S. Army commando seeks the killer who murdered his old unit comrades.

Hellboy: Blood And Iron

When Hellboy and his friends investigate the haunted mansion of a publicity-hungry billionaire, they uncover a deadly plot to revive a vicious female vampire.

Hellboy: Sword Of Storms

While his friends battle a monstrous dragon, Hellboy must fight his way out of a supernatural dimension.

Heroes Of Shaolin

Two Shaolin warriors try to defeat evil Manchu supporters.


A Ming dynasty palace guard wrongly accused of murder battles his sworn brothers-and the fight continues when they are all defrosted after being frozen in ice for 400 years.

Ip Man

Ip Man is a martial arts master who goes after an occupying Japanese general. This is part one of a series about the man who trained a young Bruce Lee.

Ip Man 2

Ip Man arrives in Hong Kong and overcomes resistance in teaching the new Wing Chun fighting style.

Ip Man 3

This time, Ip Man battles vicious gangsters trying to take over the city.

Ip Man: The Final Fight

Simple challenges from rival kung fu schools lead Ip Man into a dangerous battle with the vicious Triads.

Kill ‘Em All

Captured international assassins must fight deadly ninjas, masked maniacs, and each other to get out of a high-tech concrete bunker.

Kung Fu Dunk

An orphaned kung fu student becomes a basketball star thanks to a crafty street hustler.

Kung Fu Killer

A convicted killer helps police find a killer executing martial arts experts.

Kung Fu Yoga

An archaeologist and his team battle mercenaries to find an ancient Indian treasure.

Legend Of The Fist: The Return Of Chen Zhen

Donnie Yen takes over Bruce Lee’s role in this sequel to “Fists Of Fury”. This time, Chen infiltrates the mob to get his hands on a Japanese assassination list.

Let The Bullets Fly

An outlaw hijacks a train carrying the governor to rob it, then hatches a scheme with the governor’s shady assistant.

Little Big Soldier

A grizzled veteran kidnaps a young enemy general, then takes him on a long journey to collect a reward.