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Part II of some great action movies on hoopla!

Master Z

A retired master finds himself drawn back into the fight by foreigners, money, and Triads.

Maximum Conviction

An ex-black ops specialist and his partner must decommission an old prison, oversee the arrival of two mysterious female convicts, and stop mercenaries seeking the women.


A homeless martial artist saves a young orphan from human traffickers.

Muy Thai Giant

When a powerful but gentle seven foot tall man is drugged and robbed while on vacation in Thailand, two sisters train him in Muy Thai kickboxing to get his passport back, earn money, and take down local crime lords.

Omega 1

In the year 2022, bickering among a group of genetically gifted twentysomethings trained to be elite fighters causes them to turn on each other. Now one woman must fight her siblings and the evil hacker seeking world domination.

Once Upon A Time In Shanghai

A young martial artist becomes involved in the fight between his mob boss and powerful enemies.

Ong Bak

A young man must fight to retrieve the stolen head of his village’s Buddha statue.

Ong Bak 2: The Beginning

A prequel to “Ong Bak”, in which a young man seeks revenge on the slave traders who kidnapped him as a boy-and the warlord who murdered his family.

Ong Bak 3: The Final Battle

A sequel to “Ong Bak 2”, with Tien battling his arch rival in a final duel.

Painted Skin: The Resurrection

An ancient fox spirit meets a scarred princess and offers her a diabolical deal.

Police Story: Lockdown

A police captain must save his daughter from her violent fiance.

Power Kids

A boy and his friends battle terrorists who have taken over a hospital to get the new heart needed to save his brother’s life.

Prince Of The City

A man seeks justice after being betrayed by his brother and framed for murder.’

Railroad Tigers

A ragtag group of freedom fighters ambush a military train loaded with badly needed provisions.


A prince leads his people against murderous Night Demons.

Saving General Yang

A general’s sons set out with freedom fighters to rescue their kidnapped father.


A military commander uses a lookalike who can fool people to win a war his young and unpredictable king doesn’t want.


After killing his rival, a warlord seeks redemption in a Shaolin temple-but soon finds himself tested again.

Shotokan Man

A mysterious Japanese man stops in a small Alabama town for one night, and wins over everyone-except a local kung fu expert.

Snow Girl And The Dark Crystal

A warrior with mysterious powers must fight Heaven and Hell to save his people.

Street Fighter Alpha

A young martial arts master must undertake a perilous journey of self-discovery to rescue his long-lost brother.

Street Fighter Alpha: Generations

A young martial arts expert must confront his arch-enemy in this prequel to “Street Fighter Alpha”.

Tai Chi Zero

A Tai Chi master battles an invading army.


In 2039, a young street fighter takes on the world’s best fighters to become the King of Iron Fist.

The Assassin

The daughter of a decorated general, who was kidnapped as a child and is now an exceptional assassin, returns to confront her parents and her past.r

The Assassins

Cao Cao, prime minister of the Han Dynasty, battles ambitious warlords and proclaims himself King of Wei.

The Divine Fury

A champion fighter battles otherworldly forces.

The Drummer

A gangster’s son on the run from his father’s enemy meets Zen drummers, whose music and beautiful protégé' captivate him.

The End Of The Beginning

A cyborg spy must expose human traffickers and rescue a kidnapped scientist.

The Guillotines

A once-elite assassination squad battles new and old enemies.

The Head Hunter

A refugee from Vietnam fights old enemies as he tries to bring his family to Hong Kong.

The King Of Fighters

Martial arts experts battle a master criminal during a tournament.

The King Of The Streets

An ex-street fighter seeks justice for loved ones terrorized by criminals.

The Knight Of Shadows

A demon hunter investigates the disappearances of several young girls.

The Sorcerer And The White Snake

A sorcerer monk fights supernatural forces when he falls in love with a beautiful woman-who is really a 1,000-year-old white snake.

The Warring States

Rival Chinese military strategists clash during the Era of Warring States.

The Worm Valley

An explorer looks for a legendary tomb on an island of monsters.

Warriors Of The Nation

The Japanese Army tries to kidnap a military minister after the Sino-Japanese war.

Warriors Of The Rainbow: Seediq Bale

The 1930s rebellion of the Taiwanese aboriginal Seediq tribe against the Japanese empire.

White Vengeance

Two powerful warlord brothers battle each other for the imperial throne and the love of a woman.

White-Haired Witch

A sorceress and her clan battle rivals who frame them for a crime they didn’t commit.

Wolf Warrior

A skilled sniper joins an elite military unit to battle vengeful assassins seeking him.

Wu Dang

An American conspirator uses his kung-fu expert daughter and a martial arts tournament as a cover to steal a legendary treasure.