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Looking for something different? Try these music-filled dramas on hoopla:

Across The Universe

Julie Taymor’s musical love story about two young people dealing with life in the turbulent 1960s, set to classic Beatles songs.


A young musician returns to her hometown and finds a new life.

Clear Blue Tuesday

The effects of 9/11 on 11 New Yorkers.

The Devil’s Violinist

Superstar violinist David Garrett as Italian violin virtuoso Niccolo Paganini.


A Toronto musician tries to help his friends through tough times.


Bette Midler stars in this TV-movie version of the Broadway classic about stripper Gypsy Rose Lee and her overbearing mother, Rose.

Glory Days

Twenty years after a nasty break-up, a rock band reunites for a reality TV show.


Milos Forman’s film version of the popular rock musical about hippies protesting the Vietnam War in 1967.

Hello Again

The lives of ten troubled people in ten different New York City eras.

Hollywood Musical!

Five young performers try to make it in show business.


A struggling lounge owner enlists the famous Guitar Sam for a concert to help him save his juke joint.

I Kissed A Vampire

A desperate teen tries to save himself and the girl he loves as he turns into a vampire.

Jesus Christ Superstar

Norman Jewison’s film verison of the classic rock opera about the last days of Jesus.


Bollywood musical about a young director who tangles with a vicious mobster while researching his next film.


Fate brings lovers, friends, and enemies together.

The Music Of Silence

Based on Andrea Bocelli’s autobiographical novel, this is a fictional version of his own life story. It’s about a blind but gifted young opera singer, and how he overcomes obstacles to find success.

Music Of The Heart

A true story, with Meryl Streep as a violin teacher who fights to keep her school’s music program.

Music Within

The true story of a wounded veteran who helps create the Americans With Disabilities Act.

My Last Valentine In Beirut

Is this woman a suicidal prostitute, or just a virtual film character?

Of Mind And Music

A street musician suffering from memory loss meets a disheartened neuroscientist who is determined to help her.

Pearly Gates

A dying man tries to give his life meaning


Freedom fighters try to liberate Goa from the Portugese.


Chris Columbus’s film version of Jonathan Larson’s rock opera, based on Puccini’s “La Boheme”.


A South African teacher gives her students unique life lessons.

Saturday Church

A bullied, abused 14-year-old boy discovers his passion for modern house dance.


A rising nightclub singer marries another struggling singer, then descends into alcoholism while her husband finds success.


Barbra Streisand’s moving, brilliant film version of Isaac Bashevis Singer’s novel. She plays a young Jewish woman who disguises herself as a man to pursue her love of learning-and falls in love with a handsome fellow student.